Our entire mission at PALETA is built around the health and wellbeing of our clients and employees. We're continuing to follow all updates released by the LA Department of Health and the CDC to ensure that our staff and clients stay safe. It's important to us we are able to provide clients with nourishing meals during this particularly stressful time. We do not anticipate any interruption to service.

Can PALETA prepare gluten-free or non-dairy alternatives?  [+]
Does PALETA offer Gift Certificates?  [+]
Does PALETA offer DISCOUNTS?  [+]
Do I have to get ALL meals EVERY DAY?  [+]
When should I eat my PALETA meals?  [+]
How long will my PALETA meals stay fresh?  [+]
What do I do with the empty cooler bags and used ice packs?  [+]
Is PALETA 100% organic?  [+]
What if I am pregnant or nursing/have diabetes/am taking medication/have high cholesterol?  [+]
What if I am personally referred to PALETA by an existing client?  [+]
Does delivery cost anything?  [+]

Why is it called "Paleo"?  [+]
Then why is it called a "diet"?  [+]
So it's basically low carb?  [+]
But don't Paleo people only eat bacon and coconut oil?  [+]
How can I lose weight while eating carbs and fats?  [+]
Why can't I eat beans or rice or corn? Aren't all those things healthy?  [+]
Are there other benefits to cutting out half of the Standard American Diet?  [+]
I'm afraid. Will giving up cheese and bread be hard?  [+]
I'm a vegetarian. Can I still try the PALETA Paleo|Gluten-Free Plan?  [+]

What if I don't want a full day of meals and snacks?  [+]
I am trying to conceive soon. What should I eat?  [+]
Should I focus on certain foods during each trimester? Does your plan accommodate this?  [+]
I know some foods are not good for my baby. What should I do?  [+]
What is the deal with herbs such as sage, mint and parsley?  [+]
I am worried about gaining weight. How many extra calories do I need?  [+]
Body after baby? How do I get mine back?  [+]
What if I am breastfeeding?  [+]
Should I focus on certain foods during each trimester?
Does your PREGNANCY PLAN accommodate this?  [+]

KETO TO THE KORE 2-Phase Program
So, what is this KETO TO THE KORE really all about?  [+]
What potential health benefits does a KETO diet afford?  [+]
Who is the ideal candidate for a KETO program?  [+]
How long does it take to get me into ketosis?  [+]
How do i know when I'm in ketosis?  [+]
I love your PURIFY CLEANSE. How is the KETO KLEANSE different?  [+]
What do I get in my deliveries?  [+]
MCT Oil? You want me to DRINK OIL???  [+]
I'm trying MCT Oil for the 1st time. Is my colon going to be mad at me?
Am I in for a lot of bathroom visits?  [+]
What types of foods will I be eating?  [+]
What types of foods will I NOT be eating?  [+]
I'm vegan. Will keto to the kore work for me?  [+]
I want to drop some LBs!  [+]
Caffeine craze! I want it! I need it! Can I have it?  [+]
Any side effects I should expect?  [+]
Is there anything I should consider before embarking upon a ketogenic diet?  [+]
What can I drink while cleansing?  [+]
Can I workout while on the KETO Program?  [+]
Will I be tired? Can I go to work?  [+]
Puff! Puff! Can I smoke on the KETO Program?  [+]
My doc has prescribed meds for me...Do i stop?  [+]
Baby on board! Is a ketogenic diet okay for me and my baby?  [+]
My kids are eyeing my KETO "stuff"! Can they have some?  [+]
I can't wait to start! How can I get myself ready?  [+]
When can I start?  [+]
YAY! You ship the Keto Kleanse nationally! How is it different from the local SoCal delIvery?  [+]
I nailed the KETO KLEANSE & feel great! Now what? Can I do it again?  [+]
Where does PALETA deliver the CLEANSE?  [+]
How does my CLEANSE show up?  [+]
Local west coast only: what should I do with my cooler?  [+]
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