Tom Arnold

I’d gained 70 lbs during my wife’s pregnancy, but being 54 with a new born I realized that wasn’t acceptable. (Can’t be a super old AND a super fat dad!) So I worked my tail off and lost 100 lbs. during my son’s first year. This was very intense and included 100 min of hard cardio per day. Since I love food and 100 minutes daily is too much time to spend away from my boy, I started to put weight back on. This is when I checked out Paleta. I’ve tried many meal delivery services and Paleta’s food is easily the best, which is good because the food not being tasty enough has always been my excuse for nixing a healthy diet, and gaining weight. “There’s not enough food for me” is my second excuse of choice, but I am getting plenty with Paleta, and it’s quality food (which eliminates my third excuse as well). I still eat out with boundaries (no sugar, no gluten), but I know that if I do overeat in a restaurant I will start back with the Paleta’s meal delivery the next morning and all will be fine. Also I’ve been able to lower my necessary cardio (and pseudo therapy) to 45-60 mins a day, which means more time on the trampoline with Jax. Bottom line: if I stick to the meals Paleta delivers I know 100% I will be good, which is a relief. Also, can’t beat the desserts :)