Kimberly Elise
Film & Tv Actress

Being a strict vegan for over 15 years as well as being diagnosed with celiac disease (an autoimmune response to gluten products) it's always been a challenge for me to make sure I'm properly nourished while working on film and tv sets. In the past, I've always depended upon myself to bring my own food and take care of my dietary needs. PALETA has changed all that for me! I was concerned that my dietary needs would be too complicated for them to fulfill but I was totally wrong. They provided me with meals every day that were delicious, satisfying and kept me healthy and strong through my busy work schedule as well as my busy home schedule as single mom. A day of well-balanced creative meals, amazing juices, and bars became something I could look forward to every morning when my PALETA bag arrived on my doorstep. No matter what your dietary need: As complicated as mine or as simple as you can eat whatever the heck you want, but want to be healthier about it, PALETA has you covered! Thanks PALETA for making my life so much easier and for helping to keep me strong and healthy. Love and gratitude, Kimberly Elise