Lisa Leslie

"I am a big fan of eating healthy food and finding ways to lean out. As a wife, mom and entrepreneur, I found PALETA helped me to eat healthy through out the day without compromising my food choices. Having these amazing meals delivered to my door step made my life so much easier. I was able to eat breakfast, get the kids to school, workout and eat a healthy snack. I then worked in the office and did not skip lunch as usual because it was already prepared by PALETA. As I ran errands and got the kids to their activities, I was able to reach into the back and pull out another healthy snack before dinner. Once I returned home, I prepared dinner for my family, but felt great that I had my meal delivered and could not wait for my delicious dessert. Thanks PALETA, you have truly made a difference and helped me reach my goals of eating 1400 calories a day to maintain a lean body for the summer."