Jaime King
Actress, Writer, Model - Star of 'Hart of Dixie'

My favorite 2 minute way to feel better is to sit down in a quite place, close me eyes and take a deep breath and center myself. I then take a moment to check in with myself and ask what I need. More water? A nourishing meal or juice? PALETA is my organic go to for all that. A Paleta fresh pressed green juice is a quick way to flood your body with nutrients with rejuvenating and calming effects. Their eco friendly boxed water helps me to remember to stay hydrated, which relieves stress and fights off illness. While doing this i simply think about what I am grateful for, or hug my dogs. It's pretty amazing how powerful 2 minutes can be in making one feel better! Paleta is truly one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. I have always been health conscious and mindful of what I put in my body, however when my filming schedule became so intense I found it hard to get the nutrition I needed along with the organic foods that are so important to me. After much research I found Paleta and highly recommend it above any other service. There is no one out there that has the farm to table, sustainable and eco-friendly practice. It is perfect for the busy mom to most industry people who have little time to fuss over food but want wonderful, healthy and personalized meals. Every morning it arrives I look forward to seeing what beautiful creation is waiting for me.