Brad Goreski    @mrbradgoreski

I ❤️ @eatPALETA! Try it! Go to @ and use _BRADWORLD20_for a special 20% off initial orders.
Jaime King    @Jaime_King

I love @eatPALETA. Hands down the best farm to table, organic food (that our family could NOT live without) but THIS!
Wayne Brady    @waynebrady

S/o to @eatPALETA for my food. Upside...tastes great. Downside...No Desserts!!!!! Lol trying to be good!
Holly Marie Combs    @H_Combs

Happy @#meatlessmonday Thanks to @eatPALETA xoxox @
hoopLA    @hoopLAblog

We LOVE @eatPALETA and their @#cleanse @#deliveries !!! Just in time for @#StPattysDay we have the @#Green @
hoopLA    @hoopLAblog

Forget milk. @eatPALETA does a @#body good! @#organic @#raw @#coldpressedjuice @#cleanse @#detox @#hoopla @
hoopLA    @hoopLAblog

We're keepin it @#green during @#stpattysday with @eatpaleta @#detox @#cleanse !!! @#health @#losangeles @
Bill Horn   

Dinner is served. God, I'm exhausted for all the work. ;) @eatpaleta @
Bill Horn    @TheBillHorn

"Green Dream" Organic Cold-Pressed Juice is an A+, @eatPALETA! @#yum @#MyJam
kathleen robertson    @kathleenrobert7

Thanks again to @eatPALETA for treating me to such deliciousness this past month. You must try. @#heavenlyfood @#PALETA
Scout Masterson    @ScoutMasterson

Popcorn energy snack from @eatpaleta - YUM!!!! @
Bill Horn    @TheBillHorn

So excited to get started with our @eatpaleta! @#DayOne @
Sherri Saum    @SherriSaum1

@eatPALETA your juices and shakes rock my world- thank you for bringing me back on track
Michaela Watkins    @michaelaWat

@eatPALETA got delivered today and it's like Christmas but in my mouth. Soooo yummmmmy
Scott Wolf    @iamscottwolf

This little booster packs a punch. Part of the @eatPALETA @sonyadakar 2-day juice detox. Juices are AMAZING!
Tammin Sursok    @tamminsursok1

Just started my @eatpaleta glowing beauty detox with my sonyadakar products!!!! Can't wait!!!? @

@eatPALETA and @sonyadakar - Thank you! best detox ever! So easy and yummy! Lost last 2 pounds of baby weight and my skin is glowing!!
DeAnna Stagliano    @DeAnnaPappas

The food at my @#BabyStag; shower was beyond delicious! Thank you @eatPALETA; for a beautiful shower spread!!
Jessica Biel    @JessicaBiel

This is happening! eatpaleta / sonyadakar two day detox. Wish me luck... @
Scott Wolf    @iamscottwolf

Not sure how they do it, but I actually crave these purify shakes from @eatPALETA Best cleanse ever.
Beverley Mitchell    @beverleymitchel

feeling good! Thank you @eatpaleta @sonyadakar I think I am getting my @#glow on!
Jaime King    @Jaime_King

Cc @eatPALETA@CBBVips: How did @Jaime_King regain her amazing body after baby? She shares her secret here: @
Jaime King    @Jaime_King

Just want to give thanks to Chef Kelly Boyer @eatpaleta for keeping baby & I so nourished & healthy. PALETA is the best meal service around!
Tammin Sursok    @tamminsursok1

Gettin' my strength back 7 weeks post baby! @eatpaleta @
Serinda Swan    @SwanSerinda

Loving my @eatPALETA farm to table meals that get delivered to me every morning!! @#genius @#delicious @#yesyesyes
angelique cabral    @AngeliqueCabral

@eatPALETA this rice noodle shrimp pad Thai & cucumber salad is outta this world!!!! @#yum @#moreplease
Mariana P. Vicente    @MarianaPVicente

Got my @eatPALETA today! I'm amazed at how YUMMY and filling the juices are! Best juice cleanse, hands down.
Tammin Sursok    @tamminsursok1

Italian meatless meatballs , brown rice pasta, shaved Parmesan... @eatpaleta @#neverfeelslikeadiet @#justgreatfood
angelique cabral    @AngeliqueCabral

@eatPALETA my fave part of every day is opening this little black bag!! It's like Xmas everyday!! @#yum @#delish
Serena Ryder    @serenaryder

Thank YOUMichelleLovitt @eatPALETA @ASICSamerica @PEARsports & @oakleywomen for supporting me during my @OneRepublic TOUR! i feel AWESOME!
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