Robin Lilly    @ledlove80

Can't wait to order my next batch of goodies from @eatPALETA wish I lived in LA that yummy food could b with me everyday!S/O to @eatPALETA
Mary Hall    @Recessionista

Digging the sweet life at the @#beautyfrosting @#BFTurns2 @eatpaleta
Romy Raves    @romyraves

@beautyfrosting thx 4hosting such a lovely soire today @#BFturns2 & thx 2 ur fab sponsors @OneHopeAtHome @HomeGoods @eatpaleta @studiomucci
MomAngeles    @MomAngeles

RT @eatpaleta: 💚💚💚 We LOVE @eatPALETA and their @#cleanse @#deliveries !!! Just in time for @#StPattysDay @ Cheers!!
Glitterati Gal    @Glitterati_Gal

Love the idea of @eatPaleta @#clean food delivery! Paleta's owner is such an inspirational woman. My @
BeautyFrosting    @beautyfrosting

Still marveling at the delicious and nutritious catering provided by @eatpaleta at @#bfturns2 ! Chicken @
nicole ari parker    @nicolearip

My morning started right. Thanks @eatPALETA @#fresheasygood
Jamie Krell    @jamieBkrell

12 juices in 2 days. I'm all finished and feeling great! Thank you again @eatpaleta! @#cleanse @#detox
Ashley Borden    @ashleyborden

Since following the @eatpaleta food plan 4 my DVD I really leaned out (along w my juicing!!) @
DanielleWindes    @windes_danielle

Last drink of my cleanse/detox @#eatpaleta @#littlelate @#magicmilkshake @#nothungry @eatpaleta @
DanielleWindes    @windes_danielle

@eatpaleta cleansing tomorrow! Picked my own this time. In love with this stuff.
Jessica Balistreri    @anastasia2257

Excited to start my new @eatpaleta detox! @
Sarah Musgrove    @SMusgrove1

@eatPALETA @thestudiomdr broccoli has never tasted so good @#day1 @#siptilsupper
Neelou Malekpour    @iheartxo

After two-weeks of intermittent debauchery, I'm looking SO forward to my @eatPALETA @#10day cleanse tomorrow. @#eatcleantraindirty
Be |Rebecca Reinbold    @BeNourishedVI

One month post-birth and only 7 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Thanks @eatpaleta @#paletapregnancy!
Jennifer Hurless    @JennHurless

Love @eatPALETA so much. Feel good!! @#eatpaleta
Kimberly Dawn    @kimberlydawn101

Good Morning...this is what is at my door every morning @eatPALETA @#paletaforlife 👍
michelle lovitt    @MichelleLovitt

Best day ever with the one and only creator & chef of @eatPALETA ! Best meal delivery system & cleanse ever!
Kit Rich    @kitrichfitness

@eatPALETA thank you so much!!!!! Your food is insanely good. I'm still craving that protein smoothie!
Fitmix Studio    @FitmixStudio

Thank you @eatpaleta for the amazing treats! Feeling happy and hopeful today! @#healthy @#quality @#GlutenFree @#Balance
Teri Tom    @TeriTomRD

@VirginRaw @eatPALETA Supplementing my Paleta Core Detox w/ Bee Panacea. Feeling great. Goodbye, allergic mornings!
Kris Schoels    @yngmarriedchic

Cannot wait to try out @eatPALETA next week while in LA....
Lauren Messiah    @LaurenMessiah

Can someone invent a company that delivers decent food to the Hills?! I'm lost without my @eatPALETA. Thank god my service resumes tomorrow.
Limor    @LimorE

So excited for my beauty detox cleanse from @eatpaleta starting 6/27. Just ordered and ready to go! Get yours! @
Lauren Messiah    @LaurenMessiah

My @eatPALETA @CircuitPilates @SFactorinLA triple threat combo is doing a body good. @#summerscoming
Jenn Harbin    @viciousjenn

Housesitting for a friend who has @eatPALETA delivered to their house every day @#freshandeasy
Christine Kirk    @LuxuryPRGal

Beautiful Hawaiian island tropical-inspired eats by @eatpaleta at @NalukaiJewelry party @ShoreHotelSM
MaryMiller    @MaryMiller

@eatpaleta nothing like fresh fruit! Looks delicious:)
FitFoodie    @ReginaRagone

@sonyadakar @eatpaleta Love these juices I feel beautiful just drinking them!
Taryn Adler    @tarynadler

hooooooooomygod @eatpaleta Pumpkin Pie Magic Milkshake. Vegan. Organic. Gluten Free. LIFE-AFFIRMING.…
kim peiffer    @kapeiffer

@eatpaleta @sonyadakar you were right, your nut milks ARE the best! Love these juices!
Jennifer Hurless    @JennHurless

Last day of my 10 day @eatpaleta cleanse...feel AMAZING! @#healthy @#clean @#organic @#paletaforlife
Lauren Messiah    @LaurenMessiah

Current Obsession: @eatpaleta Meal Delivery @#vegan @#organic…
Regina Santos    @matbyregina

@eatpaleta oh my how divine! vanilla bean magic milkshake!! @#coconut @#cashew @#cinnamon @#seasalt
michelle lovitt    @MichelleLovitt

finished my 14 day cleanse with @eatpaleta meal service today! I have never felt better, lost 7 pounds. 1 of the best things I've ever done💕
The Jet Set Family    @jetsetfam

I am majorly craving some @eatpaleta right now. Their farm-to-table meal delivery is the best. @#yum
Ali Levine    @AliLevineDesign

@eatpaleta - Just discovering this & think this @#stylist might have fallen in love! Xox @#stylistlove @#foodie
Lauren Messiah    @LaurenMessiah

Loving my @eatpaleta lunch today! Life is so much easier now. Meal delivery is where it's at.
holland roden    @hollandroden

@eatpaleta the chocolate hazelnut shake is amazing!!!!!
Savvy Sassy Moms    @savvysassymoms

Amazing orange filled with nothing but goodness! @eatpaleta
Ilyse Baker    @ilysebaker

@eljayethecomic you need @eatpaleta - the only amazing juicing!Let me know if ur interested... I got perks bro :)
michelle lovitt    @MichelleLovitt

What a difference in how I feel with @eatpaleta meal delivery system. Delicious .. Best tasting, clean & nutritious food!! @#eatwithapurpose
nefetari spencer    @nefetaris

My fav breakfast is a tie between the protein pancake and the yogurt parfait! So good! Thx @eatpaleta
aram brazilian    @abrazilian

Got my first meal delivery from @eatpaleta this morning and its delicious - going to be a healthy week @marpop
michelle lovitt    @MichelleLovitt

Super excited to start my cleanse with @eatpaleta :) on monday, it can be shipped anywhere in the country! Stay tuned for updates @#detoxify
Andrea Regalado    @drearegalado

I'm on day 9 of my 10 day @eatpaletacleanse. 7 pounds down and I feel fantastic! Thanks @tameramowrytwo for the tip!
Mother Daughter FIT    @MomDaughterFIT

We are loving the @eatpaleta Pregnancy Program! @#healthy @#moms
YAS Fitness Centers    @YASFitness

YAS GOES NUTS!! @yasfitness & @eatpaleta R going NUTS over the new raw almonds being sold @yasfitness!
jrg76    @jrg76

It's like @eatpaleta is trying to lure me into another month of meals with pizza on my last day + a snack that includes chocolate? @#getfit
Mother Daughter FIT    @MomDaughterFIT

We are loving the @eatpaleta Pregnancy Program! @#healthy @#moms
Lindsay Rushing    @lawtexygpb

@eatpaleta Finished my 5 day cleanse! Feel great! Food was excellent. I highly recommend.
FabFitFun    @FabFitFun

Are you a mom-to-be & stressing about what you should be eating? @eatpaleta has a super yummy mommy meal plan!
Robin    @Balanced_Life_

@fabfitfun @eatpaleta love! would go perfectly with my new prenatal Pilates program. Healthy pregnancy power couple:)…
jrg76    @jrg76

After a month of meals from @eatpaleta, I'm flying solo next week and dying for the zucchini protein muffin recipe @#prettyplease @#getfit
Andrea Regalado    @drearegalado

I'm on day 9 of my 10 day @eatpaletacleanse. 7 pounds down and I feel fantastic! Thanks @tameramowrytwo for the tip!
Tara Mandy    @StrollerTraffic

@eatpaleta Drooling over the PALETA PREGNANCY meal plan with Spinach & Herb Stuffed Beef Tenderloin.
Samantha Martin    @HiMyNameSam

@eatpaleta The hardest part of leaving my parents' house (other than missing them, of course) is not getting to raid the fridge for PALETA!
Joselynne Boschen    @JOSAlphaVenice

@eatpaleta i think it might be time for me to do another @#DETOX @#healthybody @#fooddelivery
Angela Parker    @AngelaParkerFIT

How to stay @#fit during pregnancy-this @#workout + @eatpaleta @#pregnancy meal plan #healthy#mom
Dell et Ruhs PR    @DelletRuhsPR

Dancinerate giftbags for @ilysebaker DVD launch at @equinox! Treats from @tartecosmetics @eatpaleta @promax...
Audrey    @MzDreyLewis

@tameramowrytwo @eatpaleta @latimes I especially love the unsweetened almond milk! Happy alternative to dairy.
Destiny Lambert    @DestinyHaute

@eatpaleta I honestly want to try your products! Especially the Juice! I need something to boost my immune system.
Sonya Dakar    @sonyadakar

Thank you @eatpaletafor providing THE most delicous shakes, juices and lunch at our beauty event!…
Audrey Wu    @msaudj

Juice detox was a @#win. Lost the @#Vegas work bloat and a few extra pounds too.Feel great!cc: @eatpaleta
Ashley Borden    @ashleyborden

@nmprgirl my @eatpaleta meals have been so tasty w/such variety! I ❤ the packaging+how its NOT like carrying a suitcase of food everywhere!
Katie Rosen Kitchens    @KatieAnnRo

I am seriously ub-sessed with @eatpaleta's natural, homemade energy bars. @#sogood
Joel Harper    @joelharperfit

Make sure your fridge is full of healthy organic foods. Make it AUTOMATED. Looking for farm to table food check out my favorite @eatpaleta
Maranda Barskey    @MarandaBarskey

Umm...YUM! @cyclehousela about to chow down on some @eatpaleta !!! @cyclehouse Cycle House
Heather Dorak    @pilatesplatinum

Bring some Paleta juice in to your life.. Your tummy will thank you @#healthy @#cleanse @#hydrate
Ashley Koff RD    @ashleykoff

Sipping' n drippin' ...grateful I can get@eatpaletaorganic kale kooler @thestudiomdr 4 post @therealkyevans arm killer klass!
samantha grant    @SamFGrantCN

@eatpaleta -Thanks guys!LOVE your FOOD!
Natalie J. Forté    @NatalieJForte

So impressed with @eatpaleta pregnancy program!. I will definitely use this when I have a bun in the oven.…
Teddy Bass    @rockbottombody

GREAT cleanse pressed juicers is @eatpaleta; @#PALETAforLIFE and@#PALETAPRESSED.
Kimberly Fowler    @kimberlyYAS

@eatpaleta Day 2 of my "CORE DETOX" Tons of Energy!!
Nourish 365 Project    @Nourish365Tweet

Thanks @eatpaleta for the stuffed peppers; a perfect @#blizzard meal! @#PALETAforLIFE…
Kimberly Fowler    @kimberlyYAS

Looking forward to YAS Cleanse this weekend with @eatpaleta !!…
Nourish 365 Project    @Nourish365Tweet

Thank you @eatpaleta for an amazing detox day 1, especially the @#vegan fudgy after-dinner snack!……
The Studio (MDR)    @TheStudioMDR

Doing the @eatpaleta @#cleanse as a studio has @#unified us as a @#community! On behalf of everyone at our studio, @#THANKYOU!
Katie Barnes Fitness    @KBFKoreCentrix

@eatpaleta Love your food, philosophy and what you do for my clients! @#KBFMakingAnyBodyGreat @#fitness @#shape @#celebrityfitness @#realfitness
Bianca Patterson    @biancapattrson

Ended my @eatpaleta 10 day cleanse @lululemonwhus. Changing the way I eat with Paleta and changing the way I live outfitted in @lululemon!
Jason Gurnick    @jasongurnick

@eatpaleta Day 1 @#MindandBodyCleanse @#Discipline @#HARDWORKDEDICATION…
Bianca Patterson    @biancapattrson

Day #6 of @eatpaleta 😃. Glad to say I made it through without caving to my craving for licorice and marshmallows last night! @#Phew @#nearmiss
Angela Parker    @AngelaParkerFIT

Kelly Boyer of @eatpaleta stars in my latest FREE workout video, "Ass Attack." You have to see how amazing her butt is!
FabFitFunLA    @FabFitFunLA

The feeling is mutual! Seriously, we couldn't recommend ur healthy AND delish dishes & juices more! RT @eatpaleta: @fabfitfunlaWe love u!
Glamour    @glamourmag

A steak dinner under 500 calories? That and 2 more @eatpaleta-approved meals, right this way:
Bianca Patterson    @biancapattrson

Cleansing starts tomorrow! Excited to detox and cleanse with @eatpaleta.Cleansing myself to a renewed me!@#healthy…
Katie Rosen Kitchens    @KatieAnnRo

Thank u for such an ah-mazing baby shower. Everyone could not stop raving about the food! RT @eatpaleta: @katieannro Thanks 4 the mention!
FabFitFunLA    @FabFitFunLA

Kickstart your cleanse at these local hot spots:… @eatpaleta @pressedjuicery @ritualwellness @liquidjuicebar @bhjuice
MaryMiller    @MaryMiller

Last day of my @#5daycleanse w/ @eatpaleta & @thestudiomdr ! I MADE IT! And LOVED it:) recommend it to anyone:)…
Sean    @seansboxx

@eatpaleta you''re changing the world, one meala time...
Amy Webber    @aw_dw

@eatpaleta Feel great on day 2 of my amazing PALETA Juice Detox!Thanks Kelly!
The Studio (MDR)    @TheStudioMDR

What better way to cool down after your workout than with a Kale Kooler? We just got in more juices from @eatpaleta! Hurry and try 'em!
Melissa Farmer    @thereallissycat

@eatpaleta One of my goals this year is to save up money and treat myself to one of your cleanses, continue having a fantabulous day!! :o)
FabFitFun    @FabFitFun

Obsessed with all of the @eatpaleta juices - the perf uber-hydrating post @cardiobarrebh workout snack! @#fffcardioparty!!
Ma'amCakes    @MaamCakes

Time to burn off some @#MaamCakes at the @#fffcardioparty at @cardiobarrebh w @fabfitfunla @katieannro @eatpaleta @frankesantos @fabfitfun
Mar Yvette    @marpop

Another faaabulous spread from @eatpaleta at the big @unclesisu holiday party with @abrazilian @guildthing @narlynareg
aram brazilian    @abrazilian

Once again Paleta laid out an incredible spread for our Christmas party!Hoping for leftovers!!! @nmprgirl @marpop @eatpaleta @unclesisu
Laurie Graham    @styledbylaurie

I Capitol L-O-V-E @eatpaleta catering for our private birthday party festivities!!!! WOW.…
Nicole Standley    @NicoleDStandley

There are way too many reasons to list why I need @eatpaleta so badly right now.
Natalie J. Forté    @NatalieJForte

@eatpaleta You were amazing today @gdla!! Love your look and your food!
Angela Parker    @AngelaParkerFIT

@eatpaleta I'm YOUR biggest fan!
Josiah Citrin    @josiahcitrin

@jreedmiller @thestudiomdr @eatpaleta the pineapple kale cilantro and Serrano juice rocked
Lisa Jey Davis    @LisaJey

@eatpaleta LOVING IT SO FAR! Business lunch with greens & veggies was easy!
FabFitFun    @FabFitFun

Who wants seriously delish AND healthy gluten-free chocolate cupcakes? U all do! Check out @eatpaleta's tasty treats:…
Mark Harari    @MarkPulse

HUGE thank you to @eatpaleta for catering our "Sunset Ride" at last week- Sliders, chicken skewers...all amazing!
Jennifer Cassetta    @JennCassetta

Day 1 of my @eatpaleta @#cleanse. Away with the toxins! In with @#healthy @#nutrition after a month of birthday celebrations.
Nami M. Scott    @namimscott

@eatpaleta I took a pumpkin drink from the event & was sipping it last night by candlelight. I've never had such a luxurious power outage.
Caitlin Graziani    @GrazUnraveled

@eatpaleta I really like the red root. The ginger gives it a real kick that lingers even after drinking it!
Amanda de Cadenet    @amandadecadenet

My @eatpaleta cooler matches my outfit today !! So chic
Nami M. Scott    @namimscott

Wow. I'm clearly thrilled! RT @beautyfrosting: fav pic of @namimscott & the delicious @eatpaleta bites! @nmprgirl @7fam…
Caitlin Graziani    @GrazUnraveled

Ahhh! My @eatpaleta juices arrived! Juice juice juice!…
Becca    @TiUbecca

so in love with @eatpaleta ...would LOVE to try out a pressed juice detox!!
Lara Tyler    @LaraTyler

Enjoying my Mojito Mojo by @eatpaleta for @cyclehousela Cycle House
Ashley Aragona    @AshleyAragona

Feeling AMAZING after my three day detox from @eatpaleta. Couldn't be happier that I did it!
Wendy    @Wendy_Nielsen

Paleta Pressed Juice | Juicy… @#juicedetox @#organic @eatpaleta
Marisa Alexis    @MarisaAlexis

Wow! @eatpaleta, today's raw vegan truffle is amazing! Who would have thought! Must get recipe ;)
Tousled Pigtails    @tousledpigtails

Some of us have to work today :(At least I have my delicious breakfast from @eatpaleta on my first diet day!
Philosophiemama    @PhilosophieMama

@eatpaleta i just had a baby and want to get back to my beautiful pre-baby body! how better than with your gorgeous juices?! @#cleanse
Heather Dorak    @pilatesplatinum

Thank you @eatpaleta.Excited to try these
AJ    @AmandaJoy

The Fifth and Final Day! @#PaletaForLife (@eatpaleta)
Stevie Wilson    @LAStory

I am lucky enough to try EVERY Pressed Juice by @eatpaleta@nmprgirlluv carrot one, the red root rocks & sonic tonic is soaring!
Wendy    @Wendy_Nielsen

Loving my @eatpaleta juices! Photo by four year old!
Nicole Standley    @NicoleDStandley

So jealous of @wendy_nielsen. She is doing my favorite thing in the world... an @eatpaleta juice program! @#love2detox
Courtney Prather    @Court_Prather

A little bit of heaven from @eatpaleta :) Fresh, organic @#juice is good for your body and @#health. Excited t
Jennifer Cassetta    @JennCassetta

Love my quotes of the day from @eatpaleta that come with my packaged healthy portioned meals. Thanks for making my hectic life easier!
Dell et Ruhs PR    @DelletRuhsPR

Tasty treats from @eatpaleta at the @lornajaneactive opening event at Westlake. How do you Nourish?…
vanessa ray    @vrayskull

First day of @eatpaleta! I even got a flower... Just a little hippie box of joy:)
Giselle Ugarte    @GiselleUgarte

@#NoMakeupMonday with @rodanfieldshq, @#MeditationMonday with @equinox, @#MeatFreeMonday with @eatpaleta. Startingmy week REFRESHED @#PushThru

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