Why detox with PALETA PRESSED?  [+]

Why should I detox?  [+]

Will I really be able to handle it?  [+]

Who should detox?  [+]

How does your juicer work?  [+]

What are the health benefits of juice detoxing?  [+]

How many calories are in each package?  [+]

What are the nutritional benefits of PRESSED ingredients?  [+]

Will this slow down my metabolism?  [+]

Am I going to lose weight?  [+]

How much weight will I lose and will I keep it off?  [+]

Can I exercise while on a detox?  [+]

What are possible detox symptoms?  [+]

Can I detox while taking antibiotics?  [+]

What if I have a health condition that requires prescription medication or diabetes?  [+]

Can I do a PALETA Detox if I am lactose intolerant or have a gluten allergy?  [+]

I'm very allergic to nuts - do you have a replacement?  [+]

Where do I get my protein?  [+]

Should I continue to take my multi-vitamins? What about B-12?  [+]

Which detox has the least sugar?  [+]

Can I drink alcohol during the detox? What about after?  [+]

Can I smoke on the detox?  [+]

Can I do this if I am pregnant?  [+]

What if I eliminate and my stool is red?  [+]

What if I haven't gone to the bathroom?  [+]


What's the environmental impact?  [+]

Why do you use plastic bottles?  [+]


What days do you deliver locally?  [+]

What is your national shipping schedule?  [+]

What should I do if my national shipment of PRESSED juice arrives later than expected on my start date?  [+]

I love my PRESSED juices! Can I order more than 3 days?  [+]

Can I set up a reoccurring order?  [+]

My ice packs are thawed, but still cool. Is that bad?  [+]

Does delivery cost anything?  [+]


Which detox should I do?  [+]

How many days should I do?  [+]

What if I have questions during my detox?  [+]

Will a 1-day detox do anything?  [+]

How often should I detox?  [+]


How can I best prepare?  [+]

It comes with instructions, right?  [+]

What else can I drink?  [+]

Will I get light-headed if I'm not eating solid food?  [+]

Can I do work on a detox? What if I have to focus on important meetings?  [+]

What if I have a work lunch and I have to eat out?  [+]

How long will my juices last?  [+]

Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?  [+]

How do I store my juice?  [+]

My recent PRESSED juice tasted a little different than my last order... it was still GREAT, but there was a subtle change... What's up?  [+]

I need to chew!  [+]


What do I do after?  [+]
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