Dr. Michelle Yagoda, is one of the most prominent female facial plastic surgeons in New York City. She caters to selective, professional and celebrity clientele, and is regarded as an excellent surgeon by patients and colleagues worldwide. Although she has all of the surgical and non-surgical tools available to address beauty, Dr. Yagoda's perspective on beauty is somewhat unique because she focuses on integrative and restorative beauty, noting that without vibrant skin, lustrous hair, and healthy nails, youthful beauty can be elusive even in the best surgeon's hands. Long ago, she noticed that some people who consume a healthy, balanced diet, still have problems with their skin, hair and nails. More recently, the Centers for Disease Control recognized that 1 in every 3 adults over the age of 18 suffers from inadequate absorption, and that the number increases with advancing age, and certain medical and physiological conditions.

Eugene Gans, Ph.D., has had a fruitful career as a world-renowned chemist and inventor. As former head of research and development for Proctor and Gamble, Dr. Gans and his teams developed formulations for over fifty well-recognized prescription, over-the-counter, and personal care products and he received 35 patents. Dr. Gans's interest in ingestible beauty arose from the realization that topical products are limited by absorption, and can only cover up problems. He believed that an ingestible product could correct the underlying problems in skin, hair and nails from within.

Together, though decades of collaborative research, Drs. Yagoda and Gans discovered a way to improve the formation of skin, hair and nails from the core. They developed and patented an award-winning, beauty nutritional supplement, BeautyScoop, with essential peptides, lipids, hyaluronic acid, collagen, minerals and anti-oxidants, in a form that ensures the body's ability to rapidly absorb and use them. "You are [not] what you eat", but what you absorb!

  BeautyScoop's rapid and long-lasting results are clinically proven by ten years of double-blind, placebo-controlled,
  randomized studies by independent doctors published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

  Isn't it time to KNOW better beauty?.
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