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Beverley Mitchell
feeling good! Thank you @eatpaleta @sonyadakar I think I am getting my @#glow on!
Jessica Biel
This is happening! eatpaleta / sonyadakar two day detox. Wish me luck... @
Sara Rue
@eatPALETA and @sonyadakar - Thank you! best detox ever! So easy and yummy! Lost last 2 pounds of baby weight and my skin is glowing!!
Tammin Sursok
Just started my @eatpaleta glowing beauty detox with my sonyadakar products!!!! Can't wait!!!? @
Scott Wolf
This little booster packs a punch. Part of the @eatPALETA @sonyadakar 2-day juice detox. Juices are AMAZING!
  SONYA DAKAR (Founder of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic) and PALETA's own Chef Kelly have combined forces to bring you their luxurious and organic GET GLOWING! BEAUTY DETOX to nourish your skin from the inside out!

Toxins are everywhere…in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. All of these forces take a daily toll on our skin, so what you put INTO your body matters as much as what you put ON it.


• Replenish anti-oxidants, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, all with a focus on
  anti-aging and preservation of your skin
• Nutritionally and deliciously designed with the highest quality organic cold-pressed
  juices, boosts, smoothies and snacks from PALETA, along with the naturally
  pampering and powerfully healing benefits of Sonya Dakar's NutraSphere
• Incorporates the most carefully selected ingredients for their healing, strengthening
  and rejuvenating properties
• All delivered right to your doorstep

For every purchase of the GET GLOWING! BEAUTY DETOX, PALETA plants a tree to reduce its carbon footprint through their partnership with the EARTH DAY NETWORK'S CANOPY PROJECT.


PALETA provisions are lovingly made daily in our green kitchen and are shipped overnight to your doorstep ready to enjoy. You will receive everything you need to complete your 2-Day Detox:

• PALETA PRESSED Luscious Organic Cold-Pressed Juices
• PALETA MAGIC MILKSHAKES Creamy Gourmet Nut Milks
• PALETA Smoothies Powered with Sonya Dakar Ultima Power Protein Powder
• PALETA Boosts Designed to Fuel Skin Repair
• PALETA Power Up Hand-Crafted Energy Bars
• PALETA Bath Salts Relax and Flush Out Toxins

Sonya Dakar's NEW luxurious & powerful Nutrasphere Detox Collection is designed to detoxify the body from deep within the skin. Using cutting edge plant stem cell technology the Detox collection acts as a booster of the skin's self-defensive system to help fight premature aging and environmental damage. Included in the package is a 2-week supply of all of the skincare essentials needed for rehabbing skin:

• Detox Wash to cleanse and purify
• Detox Micro Scrub to gently polish and exfoliate
• Daily Detox Hydrator to moisturize and protect
• Two Day Supply of Organic Omega Booster and Daily Face Shield
• Two Day Supply of Perfect Women Multivitamins

Benefits Include:
• Protection of the skin against environmental stresses and damage
• Help remove toxins and pollutants from the skin
• Booster of the skin's self defensive systems
• Prevention of aging and photo-ageing effects

Detox Face Wash
A fresh start for clear skin. This wash contains a detoxifying blend of botanical stem cells, shielding skin from pollutants and free radicals to immediately reveal a clean and healthy complexion.

Detox Micro Scrub
Gently remove dead surface skin and decongest clogged pores with this all-natural facial scrub that is recommended for all skin types.

Detox Hydrator
This lightweight daily anti-aging moisturizer utilizes advanced plant stem cell and anti-aging actives to strengthen skin cells and antioxidant-rich oils to fight damaging free radicals and keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Organic Omega Booster
Nourishing and hydrating serum, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9,m and provides extra nourishment for all skin types.

Daily Face Shield
A uniquely-formulated sunscreen providing photo aging protection for both the face and body. This sunblock SPF30 provides broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA/AVB rays that cause skin cancer and age skin prematurely. Daily Face Shield is a paraben, lanolin, and fragrance-free sunscreen that will not clog pores and is ideal for sensitive skin types.

Perfect Women Multi Vitamin
Contains a comprehensive blend of the highest quality vitamins and minerals. Together, these give you all the benefits of powerful antioxidants, which target harmful free radicals in your body and helps counter the negative impact of sun exposure, maintain and heal skin tissue, and plays an important role in the production of skin cells. Minerals in the multi vitamin have been shown to help prevent skin cancer, contribute to your skin's elastin, and help prevent dryness, inflammation and oiliness.


Sonya Dakar has been treating skin since 1971. What started out as a Hollywood secret has flourished into a brand and leader in the skin care industry. Sonya Dakar has made a name for herself as one of the most renowned problem skincare specialists in the country. The skincare line that she founded and created has received numerous accolades and has developed a cult following in the celebrity community. Her luxurious 5-level flagship Beverly Hills skin clinic is one of the most advanced facilities in the nation and is frequented by Hollywood A-listers and beauty insiders.
Sonya Dakar's NutraSphere Skincare product collection is made in America and is 98-100% natural, vegan, paraben and chemical-free. Her products and treatments are cruelty-free and utilize the most advanced natural ingredients to create glowing radiant skin without any risks or downtime.
To learn more abut Sonya Dakar please visit




Green Dream
Red Root
Coco Colada
Sunshine State
Magic Milkshake – Vanilla Bean
Tropic of Kale Smoothie
PALETA Boost – Chlorophyll
PALETA POWER UP Handcrafted Energy Bar
Kale Kooler
Prickly Pear
Carrot Cocktail
Key Lime Serran-Aide
Magic Milkshake - Pumpkin Pie
Citrus Sunrise Smoothie
PALETA Boost - Aloe
PALETA POWER UP Handcrafted Energy Bar

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