Can PALETA prepare gluten-free or non-dairy alternatives?
Yes, our PERFECT PLATE program is customizable. Because PALETA prepares your meals fresh daily, we can cater to your specific dietary needs.

Does PALETA offer Gift Certificates?
We can gift any of our meal plans to your friends, family and colleagues. Just click on the GIFT CERTIFICATE icon on the homepage to process online.

We frequently offer specials on our Meal, CLEANSE and Pressed Juice Detox programs. Please be sure to check the PALETA PROMOS chalkboard on the front page of
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Do I have to get ALL meals EVERY DAY?
You can enjoy PALETA every day of the week or just one. You just need to meet our daily minimum of $25/day. It's your healthy choice!

When should I eat my PALETA meals?
You should always eat breakfast within 1-2 hours of waking. In order to keep your blood-sugar regulated, you should eat your meals and snacks on a regular basis within 4-5 intervals throughout the day. This will control your insulin production and will aid in your body losing fat. Always try to eat BEFORE you are hungry. Do NOT skip meals, even if you are not experiencing hunger or cravings. Always eat a snack 30 minutes before working out to ensure you have the necessary energy.

How long will my PALETA meals stay fresh?
Your meals are freshly prepared in our green kitchen the day before they are sent to you. Keep them fresh by storing them in your refrigerator immediately upon receipt. The shelf-life of your meals and snacks will vary based on the ingredients used in each offering. For example, fresh grapes and nuts will last for several days or longer. A more delicate egg, animal protein or dairy based dish or item may decline in freshness and quality within 3 days. Be sure to eat your meals and snacks as scheduled. Contact us if you have any questions about how to BEST enjoy our delicious healthy offerings.

What do I do with the empty cooler bags and used ice packs?
PALETA will exchange your empty cooler bag and ice packs daily with the new food-filled coolers during your next delivery. Arrangements will be made with each client in advance to determine the most convenient mode of delivery and pick-up at your home. Make sure to recycle or compost the biodegradable and compostable containers. Please make sure to put your bags out every night.

Is PALETA 100% organic?
PALETA is committed to using a combination of natural, sustainable and organic ingredients to ensure our clients enjoy the best and healthiest meals possible. Because market availability sometimes precludes the use of organic or local ingredients exclusively, we use our very best judgment to source produce and proteins from farms and ranches that utilize organic and sustainable practices without the benefit of certification. It is our belief that certification is often cost-prohibitive for the smaller local suppliers we are intent upon supporting. Therefore, we are diligent about ongoing assessments of our suppliers to ensure their practices meet our extremely high standards for what we refer to as "conscious cuisine".

What if I am pregnant or nursing/have diabetes/am taking medication/have high cholesterol?
Never make any changes to your diet without consulting your physician for advice. Additionally, we encourage ALL clients to see their physician before making any dietary changes. We work closely with many of our clients doctors, nutritionists and trainers to ensure we are meeting their own individual and unique nutritional needs.

What if I am personally referred to PALETA by an existing client?
During the enrollment process you will be asked to indicate if a friend referred you to us. If you sign-up for a meal plan, that friend will receive referral reward credits as Thanks!

Does delivery cost anything?
Just a bit! We only pass on a portion of the cost of local delivery expense. A mere $3.99/day will keep your body nourished and energized and your taste buds will be sure to thank you! National shipping charges depend on your location and will be determined at checkout.
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